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Image 201-1
B. nodosa
Image 105-1
Bc. Mary Dodson
(B. nodosa x C. schilleriana (1857))
Image 201-5
C. Heathii
(C. loddigesii x C. walkeriana)
Image 201-7
C. Scarlet Imp
(C. brevipedunculata x C. cernua)
Image 105-1
C. schilleriana
Image 201-9
C. tigrina
Image 201-11
Epi. magnoliae
Image 201-12
Epi. nocturnum
Image 201-13
Rlc. Hawaiian Prominence 'America' AM/AOS
(Rlc. Hisako Akatsuka x C. Wendy's Redstone)