Culture of Dossinia

Jewel Orchid Cultural Information by Michael Dorris

Dossinia is from Dossin, a late 18th century Belgian enthusiast. It is found only in Borneo, in the lowlands on limestone with leaf litter and mosses. A monotypic genus with a few varieties. Often mistaken for Macodes and Anoectochilus however the wooly roots and clumping habit give it away.
Cultivation. Grows from sea level to 1000 ft (400 m). A warm growing terrestrial orchid with a short stem, wooly roots that tend towards tubers. Blooms in the winter and spring, 9 to 24 inches tall (23 to 60 cm). Leaves are oval up to 5 inch (13 cm) with small white flowers. Slow growing.
Dossinia marmorata Dossinia marmorata var. dayii Dossinia marmorata has the almost unheard of name of Dossin's jewel orchid, in that marmorata means mottled. This plant is more like Macodes then any other genus. It has great leaves reminiscent of a Persian carpet with tones of black, brownish red and purple with green. Veins depend on the variety, Dayii has somewhat geometric and burgundy, the standard type has less distinct veins and darker. The leaves can be green when young but are darker if they have well grown roots. Easy to grow, can take more light than most jewel orchids, 1000+ fc. Can stretch above 90F (31C). Distinctly good looking in flower as well.