Wholesale Oeceoclades Species and Hybrids

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Many of our seedlings have yet to bloom.

Image 205-1
Oecl. maculata
Image 105-1
Oecl. monophylla
Image 205-3
Oecl. monophylla 'Green Form'
Image 205-5
Oecl. Chameleon
(Oecl. maculata x Oecl. gracillima)
Image 205-11
Oecl. "Yoko"
Image 205-6
Oecl. decaryana x Oecl. maculata
Image 205-7
Oecl. decaryana x Oecl. monophylla
Image 105-1
Oecl. peyrotti x Oecl. monophylla
Image 205-9
Oecl. (peyrotti x monophylla) x Oecl. decaryana
Image 205-10
Oecl. (peyrotti x monophylla) x Oecl. decaryana 'Red Color'