Wholesale Cattleya Alliance Species and Hybrids

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Many of our seedlings have yet to bloom. Many depicted here are no longer be available on our wholesale list.

Image 201-1
Brassavola (B.) nodosa
Image 105-1
Brassocattleya (Bc.) Hippodamia
(B. nodosa x C. aclandiae)
Image 201-3
Brassocattleya (Bc.) Sea Mist
(B. nodosa x C. luteola)
Image 201-4
Brassoepidendrum (Bepi.) Green Dragon
(Epi. magnoliae x B. nodosa)
Image 201-5
Brassocattleya (Bc.) Nakornpathome Silver
(Bc. Binosa x B. nodosa)
Image 201-6
Rhynchovola (Rcv.) Jimminey Cricket
(B. nodosa x Rl. digbyana)
Image 201-7
Cattleya (C.) aclandiae
Image 105-1
Cattleya (C.) schilleriana
Image 201-9
Cattlianthe (Ctt.) Raingreen's Holiday
(Ctt. Netrasiri Waxy x C. tigrina)
Image 201-10
Guaridendrum (Gdd.) Rosita
(Epi. magnoliae x Gur. bowringiana)
Image 201-11
Lambara (Lmb.) Five Aces
(Bard. Nanboh Pixy x Bro. sanguinea)
Image 201-12
Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rlc.) Sun Spots
(C. Mark Jones x Rlc. SunCoast Sunspots)